1715 Fleet Silver

1715 Fleet Silver "Piece of 8" Coin Necklace | Custom set in solid 14K gold with shackle bail

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Original shape of this hand cut Spanish silver "Piece of 8"is interesting and incidental. The Spanish Crown required the silver purity to be over 93% and cut to a specific weight, shape never mattered. Recovered from our 1715 Fleet shipwreck site south of Cape Canaveral, Florida. 
Love how the bezel follows the unique shape of the coin. Makes an eye-catching signature piece that will illicit a lot of curiosity and conversation.
Product Details:
  • Denomination:  8 Reales
  • Obverse:  Crowned Bourbon Coat of Arms 
  • Reverse:  Florenzada Cross with Lions of Leon and Castles of Castile in the quadrants of the cross
  • Mint: Mexico City from 1705-1715, Assayer J (Jose de Leon)
  • Setting: Custom set in 14K gold with handcrafted shackle bail
Certificate of Authenticity with photo specific images included. BONUS information sheet with the story of the 1715 Fleet.
Inv#: T01062