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Apollo, Greek god of Sun, Music and Arts Struck on Ancient Greek Coin Pendant | Unique One-of-a-kind 14K gold pendant setting

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Detailed image of Apollo, god of the Sun, Music and Arts is featured on this Ancient Greek silver coin. Minted during the time of Alexander the Great's father, Philip of Macedonia (359-336 B.C.E.). Beautiful one-of-a-kind 14K gold handcrafted oak leaf setting is a perfect complement to this well struck coin.

Product Details:

  • Denomination:  Fifth Stater
  • Mint: Kingdom of Macedonia
  • Date: from 359-336 B.C.E. 
  • Obverse:  Apollo, god of Sun, Music and Arts
  • Reverse:  Youth on horseback 
  • Setting: Handcrafted in 14K gold.  
Certificate of Authenticity with photo specific images included.
Inv #: A41070