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Atocha Spanish Piece of 8 Recovered from the Florida Keys | Coin set in sterling silver with 18K accents

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What an incredible shipwreck story! It took over 10 years to find the Mother Lode. This Spanish handstruck silver coin recovered in 1985 from the wreck of the famous Nuestra Senora de Atocha which sank in 1622 west of the Florida Keys. With this mixed metal setting, you can easily mix and match with your other jewelry pieces.


Product Details:

  • Denomination; 8 Reales
  • Obverse:  Crowned Hapsburg Coat of Arms of King Philip III 
  • Reverse:  Greek Cross with Lions of Leon and Castles of Castile in quadrants of the cross
  • Mint: Potosi from 1618-1621 by Assayer T (Juan Ximenez de Tapia)
  • Setting: Handcrafted in solid sterling silver with 18K gold accents. Chain not included
Original Treasure Salvors Certificate of Authenticity included
Inv #: MD1331